Monday, December 03, 2007

Scam Soap

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Mensa Boy and mini-MB call foaming hand soap "Scam Soap."

MB's theory is that it is not more cost-effective than regular liquid soap. Apparently that's been part of the marketing? I can't really confirm that. I don't pay close enough attention to that kind of thing.

Anyway, at MB's work they have dispensers in the restrooms for both kinds...foaming and regular liquid soap. He says the foaming ones are always emptying faster than regular ones.

My thinking is that people might be gravitating to the foaming soap because it's lighter and rinses off faster.


Anonymous said...

I love foam soap!I just fill the foaming soap dispenser with a little regular liquid soap and the rest water...very cost effective and you get the nice foam. Just remember to not use too much of the soap or the dispenser will clog. I like the foam b/c it's easier for kids to really get their hands clean.
Kim (linked over from Jenny's blog )

Karen said...

Thanks for your comment, Kim! And hey! Of course I never would have thought of using regular liquid soap mixed with water in there! I mean...the bottle says "Only refill with foaming soap!"

Kimberlee said...

You can buy those foam-creating bottles from Pampered Chef among others. I think you're right about people gravitating to the foam. I've been mixing my own for a long time and it seems more cost effective to me. The water/soap ratio is like six to one! :)

Burkinator said...

It's true. In the ladies room, no one uses the regular stuff. Also the regular tends to be anti-bacterial, and some people avoid that b/c of the super-germ issue.

Mensa Boy said...

OK, I can see it being more cost effective if you mix your own. But I'll bet that when you buy the foam soap refills, they don't cost 1/6 of what the regular stuff costs!