Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Well, At Least it's a Sports Injury

An inflamed Subscapularis. Who'd a thunk it? Me. A sports-related injury. Doesn't matter how I got it. It still hurts! The directions are to stay off it for a week at least. Well, it is the shoulder. So I guess I'll have to give up all that shoulder walking I do.

Today I go downtown with buddy Sarah to a promo event put on by the Charlotte Checkers hockey team. They are having a game Saturday where a lot of the proceeds will benefit the Ronald McDonald House. Today the Checkers are putting on a lot of stuff downtown to promote the game. They will be at the corner of Trade & Tryon. Jazzercise of the Carolinas is doing a floor show during the game Saturday, so today they are doing two half-hour classes on a street corner as part of the promo. Since I have a SPORTS INJURY (argh) I'm not participating in the classes. I'm going along to photograph it. It'll be fun. And less sweaty for me.

I watched a good movie this weekend. "Shooter." Mark Wahlberg is an ex-sniper that is coaxed into coming out of seclusion to help foil a plot to kill the President. But he's double-crossed and ends up having to be on the run and defend himself. It was a great movie!


Sime™ said...

Think I might have to hve a watch of "Shooter" and YOU... a sports injury ;) the only sports related injury I think I could get at the moment would be an eating quickly disorder!... jaw ache?.. that's a sport, right ;)

Karen said...

Yes, Sime. To me food prep and eating is a sport. So a jaw ache would definitely be considered a sports injury in my book. Of course, I have very WELL-DEVELOPED eating muscles, so it's pretty unlikely!