Thursday, October 18, 2007

I Shot the Shoes

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Yesterday, what I thought was going to be a "one hour show Mary how to put photos on her blog" turned into a three hour, 113 pair, shoe shootout.

Yes. 113 pair of shoes.

I did not shoot them all individually. I shot about a dozen individually. And did a couple of collection shots...goofy collection shots.

Mary, bless her heart (and I do say that in the "southern" sense of the word), is under the notion that if she exposes me to her shoe fetish often enough I will become a shoe collector myself.

But it did make for some fun shooting.


Burkinator said...

This sounds familiar. : ) Many have taken me on as a project and failed. I still refuse to change purses to match every outfit.

Kimberlee said...

Change purses with every outfit? can't even conceive of that! :)

Karen, are you saying that Mary owns 113 pairs of shoes (which is pretty inconceivable too) or that those were just the ones you photographed???

Karen said...

She owns 113 pair of shoes. She had about 30 more than that, but recently gave some away to a friend

jimmie said...

I must meet whoever belongs in those boots!