Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Komen Race 2007

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Here's our own Gang of Four, just before the start of Komen Charlotte. We brought our own survivor with us. That's Nannette on the left. 4 years cancer-free! Good on ye, girlfriend.

That's Cassie next to Nannette, then me, then Rena. I'm wearing a tag that says I'm walking in honor of my friend Pam Gonnella.

But there were really quite a few people that I thought of that day:

My Grandmother, Pearl E. White, who passed away from breast cancer in 1986.

Pam Gonnella, who is still suffering from the ramifications of her mastectomy and reconstruction.

Linda McCorkle, who just in the last few weeks stopped taking the toxic drug Remedex, which is sometimes given to hopefully stop the recurrence of breast cancer.

Leslie Hoffman, who is also a survivor.

Edith Buss, who does not have breast cancer, but instead has mantle cell lymphoma.

Elaine Lidke, currently battling this disease.

Kathy Paulson, who had breast cancer metastasize to her bones and still has survived. I don't recall how long ago it was, but I'm certain it was a least 10 years. The medical community has come a long way in this battle.

Marcy Valenty, who was just diagnosed last year.

Obviously, my dear friend Nannette. It was a privilege to walk along beside her.

As my friend Dave Dougherty says, we kicked some cancer booty Saturday!

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the race. I gathered $610 in contributions this year!

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