Saturday, July 14, 2007

I have No Idea...

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I found this posted on Taylor's door this morning.

Last night we had a "boy night" here. This week Nannette brought her 8-year-old nephew, Cody.

Before they came, Cody talked to his sister Jordin on the phone. "We're going to Karen's for supper," he told her.

"She likes girls better than she likes boys," Jordin told him.

Huh. I guess I must have really snowed that little girl!

We had burgers on the grill, watermelon, the canned baked beans that I couldn't get Jordin to put on her ice cream sundae last week, and some cucumbers & tomatoes from the farm, as well as farm potatoes that I had roasted.

Nannette and I had glasses of Riesling, and then sat on the patio, trying to stay awake. Cody played Wii Golf with Nate and beat him! Cody has a really cute laugh...kind of a Woody Woodpecker thing.

And of course Taylor, Tony, and Mensa Boy all watched "Man vs Wild."

It was a fun evening.

Of course now we have this "deadly poison" thing.

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