Friday, September 23, 2005

Pan-Roasted Potatoes

Pan-Roasted Potatoes
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Have I mentioned before how much we love these things? And we get a lot of fingerling potatoes from our farmer, so we are able to have them quite often.
I see no reason why one couldn't use ordinary russets, cut into bite-sized pieces, for this.

Clean your fingerling potatoes and cut them into fairly uniform pieces. Don't stress out about it. You'll just end up with some of the smaller ones getting more "roasty" than the big ones.

Par-boil them in a large pot of very, very salty water. "Salty like the sea" pretty much. I use kosher salt.

Once they are starting to get soft, drain them and put them into a skillet with some butter and a little olive oil. The olive oil will keep the butter from burning. You could go with all oil if you want.

Toss in some garlic and maybe a little onion. Start cooking them on medium heat, stirring/tossing them every once is while, until they are as browned as you want them to be.

Toss in fresh herbs, like rosemary or thyme, if you want. If you use fresh, put them in a little early, so they will roast with the potatoes. If dried, put them in near the end.

Generously salt and pepper and serve.

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