Monday, July 07, 2003

Gone to Carolina Archive: Sabbatical Over. Scenes from Upcoming Episodes

I'm baaaaack!
As you all know, I really took a sabbatical from blogging because I wasn't home.  I didn't want to say I would be gone for a month because it seemed silly to advertise that the house would be empty a lot during June. The blogging software wants $40 for EACH COPY and I didn't think my thoughts were worth a buck a day to have it on my laptop.
I have many things to tell you all about our trip back to Minnesota. I'll spread it out over the next week or so.  Here are some of the topics I'll cover:
Mickey, the washrag-sucking dog
Soya's "summer camp" experiences
Why Daimler-Chrysler's Customer Care 800 number is so great
10,000 steps
Being an insurance agent in a seminar with realtors
Golf bad, boat good. Even when it's only 65 degrees
exploding bricks
what-not-to-do when carrying a load of firewood
book reviews, movie reviews
Guns are banned on these premises
Giant bugs
Paul Bunyan and Babe are separating
and probably more that I'm just not thinking of.
This is the month of Le Tour de France!  So far I've missed one day due to being on the road home. But our leetle beety cable company doesn't carry OLNTV so I might be missing the entire thing. If I do miss it, it'll be the first time since 1985 that I have.  Last summer I purchased digital cable just to get the network so I could watch it.  This week I may very well be switching cable companies altogether to get the Time "Evil Empire"  Warner so I can watch.  I'll have to decide in the next day or so. Either that or become a burglar and break into Cassie's house to watch it each day.
See ya tomorrow.  Write me.

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