Friday, April 01, 2005

Gone to Carolina Archive: Taylor and the Tooth

"It's gross! I want to go to the dentist and have it pulled out NOW"
This from Taylor the other day. Yes, this is the kid that, a mere 3 years ago, wouldn't let go of a tooth that was dangling by a thread. Mensa Boy had to literally pin him on the floor and yank one out one year on Christmas Eve. Now he's begging to go to the dentist to have a solid, "unloose" tooth pulled.
Taylor is 10 1/2. He's got a new tooth coming in on the top on the side that has broken through the gum on the outside of his mouth above the baby tooth it will eventually replace. But the baby tooth isn't even loose yet. This happens with virtually all kids. I remember when Nate had it. It does look weird. There's this tooth appearing to angle out of the bright red gum, seemingly way out of whack.
When Taylor gets an idea in his head, he will not listen to any facts or opinions about it, unless the person has absolute stellar credibility on the subject. Usually the person he needs is just the other parent, or perhaps Grandpa or Grandma. But this time no one would suffice.
So, we called Dr. Aten. Deborah Aten, DDS, is our family dentist. She has Aten Family Practice on Toringdon Way in Charlotte. I'd link, but there is no website. Anyway, we called. I explained the situation to receptionist Pam. Could Dr. Aten either call Taylor, or see him for a consult for about 10 minutes? No problem. Dr. Aten called the next day and spoke with Taylor. She explained that he doesn't want that baby tooth pulled out before it's ready because then he'd have a hole there and everything might shift and then he'd be totally messed up. She asked him to check it for looseness every day and when it gets loose, start wiggling it. She explained that he has an appointment in 8 weeks and they could decide together what to do. And most of all, she told him not to worry...that big new tooth won't stay in that spot forever.
That shut the kid up.
For now.

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