Friday, May 23, 2003

Gone to Carolina Archive: First Day of Summer Speech

Twins 27-19  Braves 32-15
5 inches of rain yesterday.  We woke up in the rain and went to bed in the rain.  We've got great drainage on our property and it looks like most of the houses in our neighborhood don't have standing water problems.  So flooding isn't really a concern for us here in our neighborhood. But our county has been under flood warnings and watches for the better part of the last week. Yesterday they postponed the NASCAR races because of the rain. I guess that doesn't happen very often. 
The guys are helping with housework this summer. Yesterday Taylor cleaned the downstairs bathroom and dusted the family room and living room. Nate vacuumed the entire lower floor so I could wash the tile floors.  They were fairly cheerful about helping.  I had my "first day of summer" speech with them Wednesday afternoon...'you help me with my work, I spend more time helping you do what you want to do...yada yada yada.'
How about that Annika Sorenstam? I'm not really a golf fan. But I might have to tune in for a while today.

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