Thursday, July 07, 2011

Ought I?

I've been hanging about all day, mulling over the 5 or 6 ears of leftover roast corn in the fridge. Thinking I made a corn chowder some time ago that had roasted corn in it. It rated a "we should have this again" from hubby. The problem? Can't find the recipe.

So I've been googling off and on, while reading "Street Lawyer," by John Grisham, and watching "Ugly Betty" reruns on Netflix (hey! It's summer! I don't HAVE to do ANYTHING!). And I can't really find anything.

Surely I blogged about said corn chowder when I made I came here to my blog and did a search.


But Guilt. I've not written since April. Maybe I ought to do it again some more?  Write on the blog?

Ought I?

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