Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Much-Maligned Bradford Pear

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They are gorgeous. For the week they are in bloom. Then they just turn into a dumb ole non-specific tree. Contractors like to plant them in new neighborhoods because they grow fast and are showy when they bloom. And they bloom in early spring, when lot of folks are out shopping for houses.

But the trees are not very strong. After they are full grown they can be easily blown over in a bad storm, particularly ice storms. And then you've lost a mature tree and you have to get it taken out and start all over.

But they sure are pretty right now.

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Burkinator said...

Have a gigantic one in our front yard. If it goes down ... it could be bad. And the pollen kills me! But yeah, it sure is a beautiful sight when I pull into the driveway each evening.