Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Sheesh. Another Snow Day.

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At the risk of dissing my employer on the internet...wouldn't a 2-hour delay have sufficed?

Yes. It is snowy. A bit. Less than you see in this photo. This one is from the last snow day. But really the issue today is ice. Which I suspect will be all gone as soon as the sun comes up.

Most people celebrate snow days. Particularly kids. But they aren't taking the long view when they do that. You see, we've already lost our Feb 16 off day from the last snow day. Now they will start whittling away at our spring break. Yup. Some really nice, 70 degree day will be taken away to make up for today.

This morning I ran into Taylor's room, jumped on him and started urgently saying "Taylor! Taylor! Wake up!"

He murmured a question.

"No school today!" I told him.

He murmured his happiness.

Yeah. I'm kind of mean that way.

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Jenny O. said...

I have the same bird feeder- exactly the same one- and my first thought on seeing this was "When was Karen at my house taking pictures in the snow?" Silly me. :)