Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Fish Market in Baxter

It was girls night out last night and we went to the Fish Market in Baxter. I'd never been there. But I can tell you, I'll go back again and again in a heartbeat. I thought about my sister a lot while I was there because she loves to go to good seafood restaurants.

Pricey, though. My salad was $6, my scallop dish was $19 and then we had creme brulee. With a tip, my own single meal ran me $40. And it would have been a lot more if I'd had to pay for my wine. But girlfriend Jennifer had a coupon for a free bottle of wine. I still feel guilty about paying that much out of our family's budget for a meal for just me. I won't do that very often. I think the guys ate sandwiches last night. Of course, they were probably as happy with that as I was with my scallops.

I have to tell you, I rarely order scallops because they have to be cooked exactly right. And these were. There was a delicious sauce on them, which I'll have to look up because I can't remember but it was some kind of fruit. They were served with lightly steamed whole green beans and nice bed of spaghetti sauce cushioned them on the plate. NIRVANA!

Gotta run.

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