Monday, July 20, 2009


I am generally the host of a few bruises. Pretty much all on my legs. But this one is really out of this world for me. And of course its' sheer size and obvious location (when it's summer and you are wearing tank tops in yoga class or short sleeves in jazz), cause many questions.

And there is no one-sentence explanation I can offer for it. Here's the shortest version I have:

I was hanging off a wooden footbridge on the way into the lake to retrieve my car key.



Burkinator said...

Oooooo. Pretty. I shoulda taken some pics of my knees this past month.

Karen said...

oh yeah. I've got some good ones on my legs, too. But I don't remember where they came from. The problem I'm running into now is I can't cross my right leg over my left knee because it presses the bruise on my knee.
And I can't cross my left ankle over my right knee because it presses the bruise on my ankle!

Tony said...

That looks like my shin after the softball injury three weeks ago.

Joan said...

Ouchie! That is impressive.