Thursday, June 18, 2009

Work Done. Beach Time.

Julie and I painted for pretty much three solid days. Both bathrooms, mine and the boys, are done. Mine is a lighter shade of the brown I have in my bedroom. The boys is so yellow it almost burns your eyes!

We had trouble with the smaller bathroom. We figured it would only take 1/2 gallon to do the room, but of course you buy paint in quarts or gallons. So the lady at Lowe's suggested we buy a quarter of primer and tint it the same color as the paint and that way we'd save $$.

Well, the primer bled through the paint. So we ended up doing three coats altogether, buying a second quart of the paint yesterday when we realized the problem. So we ended up spending more than we wanted. But we are very happy with the results. I'll take some photos sometime.

The painting definitely took a toll on our bodies. We are tired and sore and looking forward to the beach. And apparently we are going to get plenty of very hot weather this weekend, so it should be a good time to go.

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