Saturday, April 04, 2009

Bear is Moping

We finally have fixed his bark collar so that it is about 90% effective. We thought we'd fixed it before, but his barking has gotten worse with the nicer weather. Finally last night I told the guys that we needed to adjust things again. He was on my lap and went into a barking fit. I held him and pressed on the collar and he really yelped mid-bark.

"He needs to have some hair on his neck cut," I told them. "Someone that doesn't love him as much as me needs to do it. Maybe Dad."

I'm always teasing Mensa Boy about how he doesn't kiss the dog like the rest of us do.

Today I got a text while in yoga. "The bark collar is finally working!" Taylor said.

"Yay! what did you do?" I asked.

"Tightened it two notches and Dad shaved his chin like you said," he replied.

He's been pretty quiet now. A minute ago he ran to the door barking quietly when the ice cream truck came, but then cut himself off with a shriek.

Poor him. But good for us!


Anonymous said...

A lady at one of my churches in Joanna, SC, adopted a dog that someone had had a vet remove the "barker." When she "barked" it sounded like a whisper, or soft wind. Very inhumane. I can't imagine someone doing that or a vet willing to do that.

Anonymous said...

I did not mean to be anonymous. This is Tony Adams.

Karen said...

Mensa Boy's sister has a neighbor with two yappy dogs that have been de-barked. They do sound funny. But still annoying. It doesn't sound like barking, but they are still barking just as much as before. I like this way better.