Thursday, March 26, 2009


I just don't have anything at all to say.

I'm finding that to be the case more and more lately.

And I think I'm in an "end-of-the-book" slump. It took me nearly 2 weeks of reading every spare minute to finish "World Without End" by Ken Follett. Now the story is over...all 1100+ pages of it...and I miss it. It's like when "West Wing" went off the air. There's a hole in my life where that book was. And I don't really have anything tantalizing to read right now.

But I am catching up, slowly, on my TV watching. The DVR has been quite full of the last 2 weeks of "House," "Brothers & Sisters," "24," "Gilmore Girls," "The Last Restaurant Standing..." all that.

I'd love for someone to make some book recommendations.

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Burkinator said...

I'm pretty pathetic on books lately, but I own all the GG DVDs if you ever want to have your own marathon. Ever watch Bones?