Friday, February 13, 2009

Gorilla Arm

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Another toy bites the dust, appendage by appendage. Today I threw away the last gorilla arm. I have to do this kind of thing when he's out having his walk. As it is, if he can sort out the scent of it in the kitchen garbage, amidst all the banana and onion peels, he'll sit there and cry for it. That's why I always choose the kitchen garbage. I'd never be left alone if I used a different, less odiferous waste receptacle.

Last week we finally also threw out "Octo-head." The stuffed Octopus was with a us a long time, as a septapus, sextapus, quintapus, quadripus, tripus, duopus and finally an unipus. The Octo-head, or cephalopus (we never could totally decide what to call it) stuck with us for about a month.

Bear is getting faster and faster at shredding toys. This gorilla was dismembered and disemboweled in about 30 minutes.

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