Monday, September 01, 2008

this n that

Friday was my birthday and it passed fairly uneventfully. My friends each called and sang happy birthday to me over the phone, some of which I captured on voicemail, others were in person. I had warm blueberry muffins delivered to my office along with some gifts and also I opened two gifts that were mailed from family in Minnesota. It was a nice day. Friday night we had BBQ ribs from the local joint and watched the first "Lord of the Rings" movie...most of it. Those are all too long for me, so we finished watching it Saturday night and then last night started in on "The Two Towers." We don't own the third one, but I think Mensa Boy may have remedied that online today through Amazon.

Saturday was the usual Jazzercise session and then several loads of laundry and some errands to run. Sunday church and then buddy Tambri and I got together and chatted and hung out for several hours, visiting with long-distance buddy Chris over the phone for about an hour. T's husband Mike made us a shrimp stirfry for supper, since my fellows were back at church for the Sunday night singfest.

This morning the posse went to our 8 a.m. Jazz class at our new location, The GYM, in Fort Mill. It was very full and fun, though a little hot. We'll have to get a handle on the AC in there. Tambri and I did some shopping at our local mall for a while this afternoon. I had her pick out the mortar and pestle she wanted for her birthday, but in the meantime I found out about something else she really wants. So I'm going to give this to Cassie to present to her at our joint party on Friday and I'll give her the other item. Now I just have to haul my keester back up there to get it. I hate going up there.

So it's been a nice weekend with activity and nothing-ness, some napping, some good food, and some movies. What more could I ask for?

Well, Nate called Friday to wish me happy birthday and in the conversation sounded like he's got some buddies to hang out with now. He went to visit his girlfriend this weekend and then she called to wish me happy birthday yesterday too. AND today he said he enjoyed his first day of classes and he might add the college symphonia to his schedule, which will give him a chance to play his trombone and get another credit. He says he'd be at that class every night at 6, so I see it as a great social opportunity for him too. So everything seems to be coming together there.

And now it's 8:30 on Monday night. Time to veg out for a bit. Perhaps more Hobbits?

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Julia said...

Oh, I am so glad that he is going to be playing his trombone! Sounds like he is doing just fine away from home!