Sunday, September 07, 2008

Glowing Ceiling Fan

Glowing Ceiling Fan
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Just playing around this weekend. Some of it was some real hard playing. We had the joint birthday bash here Friday night with the posse. Much wine, way too much food and a lot of very loud laughter. Mensa Boy and Taylor grilled for us and we all had side dishes and appetizers we brought. After they got done cooking they went and hid. I don't blame them!

Saturday was more relaxing. Tambri and Chris and I did our toes at T's house after a hard jazz workout and then hearty breakfast made by T's hubby Mike. Saturday night he grilled for us and Mensa Boy.

So today I just hung out. I still have some laundry in both the washer and the dryer, so I need to get that switched around. There's not a lot of incentive when it's all towels and sheets, but it still must be done.

Oh yeah, so the ceiling fan. I'm doing a mini-lesson on shutter speed for the photography class this coming week so I shot our ceiling fan at various shutter speeds. After I got the photos prepped I thought I'd play with this one for a minute. I used the "stylize" feature in Photoshop Elements.

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