Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Bat Tower

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This is the AT&T building in downtown Nashville. Buddy Chris says they refer to it as the bat tower. I can see why.

And many thanks to the anonymous reader that identified the red sculpture. It is called "Ghost Ballet," and was done by artist Alice Aycock. Anonymous put a link to a Nashville photo blog that tells about it and has a photo from an entirely different perspective. Take a look.

Here is Aycock's official website. Definitely worth a look.

Yesterday's quest for a new comforter for our bedroom was fruitless, but I may go back today and pick up one I saw in Macy's. I kept getting stymied by the browns because I keep thinking the walls in our bedroom have a sort of rosie-ness to the brown color. But really I won't know how it works out until I bite the bullet and buy one. The thing is, I DESPISE doing returns so I'm trying very hard to get as close to what I want as possible.

Today will be doctor appointments all around and a lot of extra errands. Yuck. But then they will be out of the way!

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