Saturday, June 21, 2008

Who Is This?

Today I went shopping for a SKIRT.
To wear to a WEDDING.
A wedding I invited MYSELF TO.
And with the SKIRT I bought a long NECKLACE


Brother Becky's kid is getting married while I'm visiting Minnesota. To be honest, I don't even know which kid it is. Don't know if it's the boy or one of the girls. I suspect it's the oldest girl. The wedding is July 5.

Brother Lis told me I have to go with them if I'm going to be in town. "I was not invited," I said. "Well, that's because you live in South Carolina," she said. "You know she just didn't want to seem to be asking for a present. The rest of the brothers will be there."

So we called Becky. "I hear you're having a party!" I said. "Can I come?" She sounded delighted, so there you are.

I told my friends here about the wedding. "I suppose I can't wear slacks," I said.
"NO!" was the resounding reply.

The whining commenced.

Finally today I decided to just pop into Coldwater Creek and have a look around. I decided to give it 30 minutes, tops. Tambri rode along. Right off the bat we found a long, brown skirt and a cool, embroidered white blouse. Tambri threw a necklace on the pile just as I was paying. Walked across the parking lot to get dressy sandals at Off Broadway. And so in 60 minutes I was ready.

I sent a text to Rena, who had promised to take me shopping tomorrow.
"Mission Accomplished. Skirt, shirts, shoes, and shiny bling," I said.
"Who is this?" she texted back.

Text to Sarah...same thing.
"Who went with you?" she texted back.

Sheesh. Do they know me or what? I got good buds. And now I'm somewhat excited about the wedding.

And so that's what's going on here. Monday morning I run down to Columbia to pick up Lis, who is visiting her in-laws. We'll drive to Nashville to stay the night with Chris and then stop in Bloomington, IL Tuesday night. Should be in Minnesota by Wednesday.

I finished work last Thursday. I report back July 31. I plan to play as much as possible in the next month.

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