Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Walking Walking Seems so Easy Now

It's been a busy week. I am fully aware that I have not been keeping up with the writing since I took the job on March 25. I'm having a hard time figuring out when to write. I can not reach Blogspot from my computer at work, so blogging for a few minutes during a break in the mania is not really an option.

hmm....that reminds me...I think there's a way to post via email. I should check into that.

There is not really anything I can say about work on the blog. Which is pretty sad because that's where the action is. But since my position is in Guidance, there is a lot of confidentiality involved and so that pretty much means I can't write about stuff there. I could maybe write about my interesting coworkers, but this community is so small that I'd worry that someone would find it.

I will tell you, however, about my first passive-aggressive act at the office.

We have a parking lot that is not large enough to accommodate every staff member. If everyone is there, the lot is full and some have to park in the driveway.

So when someone parked their brand new SUV in a space-and-a-third on Monday, I thought that was a little thoughtless. Since I was driving Mensa Boy's wearable car (buddy Tambri calls it my fashion accessory), I went ahead and parked in the little space that SUV left and was careful to leave enough room for everyone to maneuver.

However, when the same situation happened again yesterday, it seemed more like a deliberate act on the part of the other driver.

So I parked my little fashion accessory as close to the door of the SUV as I could.

Then I went on a stake-out. I was able to see the scenario from our suite and I hung around until 4, when most of the faculty leaves. I will here honestly admit I was hoping for some huge, fat woman. Although I couldn't think of any on the faculty.

Pretty soon an old, bald, limping man came out and squeezed himself in there.

I have to admit I felt a little guilty about that. But then this morning one of my coworkers told me the guy's limp was temporary. Caused by a car accident where he totaled his vehicle. Hence the new SUV.

Guilty no more.

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Burkinator said...

I am tempted to do the same to those parking Cadillac Escalades in the compact only spots at the Y. One day I'll have the courage to leave the note I dream of each morning: "Nice compact car, moron!"

Did you hear MB's parking garage story from last week? : )