Sunday, April 06, 2008

Scholars Day

Yesterday we went to Erskine College for Scholars Day. I did not count how many students were there but it appeared be the entire class of incoming freshman.

We had a nice chance to hear from administration about life at Erskine while the students went to hear the same from current students. The administration made a point of assuring us that they will take care of our kids and give them individual attention. Class sizes are very small and the student:teacher ratio is 12:1. Total enrollment around 600. So it's easy to see how they are able to catch kids that are slumping.

Because the campus is out in the middle of nowhere, the campus has a ton of stuff for kids to do right there. Many of the students said they never lack for anything to do.

One thing the President said really stuck with me, and I hope it sticks with Nate when he hears it next fall at freshman orientation:

"You were a success in high school because you are bright. But at Erskine, everyone is bright. You will be a success here because you apply yourself."

Pretty cool. I sure hope he does!

I was impressed with the way Nate handled conversations with all the strangers. He maintained good eye contact (something I've not seen him do well before), and spoke politely and intelligently. Looking at him as he spoke to the music professor, I was impressed with his obvious engagement in the conversation and his open and interested body language. I was very proud. I'm also noticing that he's really a good looking kid! He's got a shy thing going on and those big brown eyes and the way he tilts his head down and looks up kind of through his bangs is simply adorable.

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Julia said...

Those eyes will get the girls!! Sounds exciting. When does he find out about roommates and stuff?