Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Laundry Dreams

[darnit! I knew no one would take stuff out of the dryer. And here someone has left a kleenex in their pocket again. While I fluff the wrinkles out of these, I'll start a load of whites. For Pete's Sake! Why can't they shake the grass out of the socks before they put them in the basket? I guess I should just be glad they put them in the basket. Hey! Gimme that, you mangy cur! On second thought, here...let me open Taylor's door and you can deposit that pair of dirty underwear right on his bed. Hmm...I wonder if this shirt should be washed in hot? ach...what do I care? It's not mine.]

"Good morning and welcome to NPR news!"

stretttchhh. hmm...I wonder if I should start a load of laundry this morning? I don't think I need to. I think I'm all caught up.

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Julia said...

Jacob has been doing juggling for phy ed so when he brought down his dirty laundry, I found all these hated sock balls! What I discovered was that he stuffed a pair of underwear in the socks and rolled them up to use for juggling practice! Right now I am drying work out wear for the Jazzercise sale. Everything for a dollar!