Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Financial Tornado

To say these last couple of days have been "interesting" would definitely be an understatement.
On Valentine's Day this happened:

The boy is ok, but he's in mourning. And of course he's concerned about the state of his financial affairs. He'll have to help pay for the damage, that's for sure. But at this point he's really the only member of the family that has money that is not earmarked for bills or whatever. We are still waiting for estimates. We suspect the engine will be fine, but perhaps he'll need new motor mounts. Radiator, of course, and headlight.

He says there was a driver behind him that was weaving in and out of traffic and then riding his bumper. He was coming up to a light and was watching the guy behind him rather than the one in front. So he didn't stop at the light in time. Apparently the hit-ee was pretty nice. He said he didn't care. Old truck. He was one of the original construction guys on our neighborhood many years ago. He rehabs Camaros for a hobby. Has several in fact. We are glad he wasn't driving one at the time!

So Nate is without wheels for now and that means Mom's taxi service is back in business. yippee.

Friday morning I woke up to new computer problems. My desktop computer was built to my specs in 2001. It has served me very well. But for the past few years it has had a steady diet of new RAM, new hard drives, power supplies, etc. Friday morning it was just rebooting over and over. It's done that before, and probably could be fixed. But I thought it was time for a new computer. The old one just does not have the kind of power to run multiple programs. Especially that I need for processing photos. So I bought a new laptop. Cha-ching!

When I brought the new laptop home I set it up and downloaded my email. In my inbox was a notification from the SC Department of Education. They are awarding Nate $3,200 in grant money if he attends a private SC college! {{head spinning around}}

SO! That part is pretty cool!

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Jenny O. said...

Oh, poor Nate. It's a rite of passage, your first accident and the first time you have to pay for said accident. And poor mom, having to be a shuttle again. But money via email! That's awesome!