Thursday, January 10, 2008

I love these new shoes

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I bought a pair of the new Ryka studio shoes to start the new year and I absolutely LOVE them! They are light as a feather, which I find with most of the shoes I buy from them (these are actually an ounce heavier than my last pair), but I especially like the heel structure.

The heels on these are rounded so you have better range of motion when dancing. Some might see that as a negative...maybe a greater likelihood for twisting an ankle. But I like it because then the shoe does not determine the angle as which my foot extends during some of the poses and dance moves.

Rare for me to write about shoes, I know. But there you have it.


Burkinator said...

It's not as if you're writing about 6 in stilettos. : ) They are, after all, sneakers (or tennis shoes as some call them).

Julia said...

How are the arches? The Rykas I bought online last time are really good, I don't need an insert.