Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Boom! It's Winter!

It's 21 degrees here this morning. Downright frigid for our part of the U.S. The skies are clear as a bell, so really the only indicator of the weather visually is the ice on the bird bath. I need to get the extension cord out and plug that in. Water is so scarce that it's even more important this winter to keep it full and thawed. We did have a couple of inches of rain last week, but of course that is still a couple of FEET less than we really need.

Taylor and I watched a FABULOUS movie last night: "The Prestige." It's about two turn-of-the-century magicians who spend their professional and personal lives destroying each other. Very very good. Taylor had seen it already but said it was hard to follow so he wanted to watch again. I had no trouble, but I had the captions on. That always helps.

It's a back-to-work day today.


Julia said...

I loved that movie, but I did have to have Jessie explain it to me when she saw it. I was a little confused at the end! It's easier to follow along the second time.

Kimberlee said...

I saw that movie, too. I thought it was very good, but also sad.

Two more days and counting...then back to the grind.

Happy New Year! Is it too late to say that? :)