Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Tearing things up

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This isn't much of a photo, but it was the only one I managed to shoot yesterday, what with the whole car episode. Friend Steve is plowing up the hillside for the new garden. Today he will work in soil conditioning mulch. Then we will decide if he should go ahead and bring the top mulch or wait until we get the little plants in. Tonight we are expecting a freeze, so I imagine we'll go ahead and put on the top mulch, just to help insulate. After tonight's freeze it's supposed to be a little balmier for a few days. So I think I'll bring the plants back inside the house for the night and maybe we'll plant them tomorrow. I'm anxious to get them into the ground and learn what I need to do to try to keep them alive over the winter.
Here is the list of plants I have:

Transplanting what I already have:

Rosemary-it's been living in my herb pot

Hibiscus-my brother & sister gave us this for our anniversary last May

Three Azaleas

Butterfly Bush

Three Rose bushes

New stuff:

Penstemon Red
Mini Hollyhock
Geraniums-this is what some of my friends from church are saying will not survive the winter. Apparently these are "hardy perennials."
Asclepias Gay Butterfly Mix
Giant Chinese Lantern

Now, a lot of these names are pretty meaningless. When I have a little time, I'll link the names to the photos on the gardening sites where I ordered them.

Today, though, it's all Christmas. I need to get some shopping done for my Christmas gift story.

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