Thursday, November 01, 2007

Taylor Taylor Pumpkin Carver

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No matter how much or how little Taylor participates in Halloween festivities, he always carves a pumpkin.

We had hundreds of kids come by last night. But not nearly as many as the other side of the 'hood. I'm glad. It was a complete zoo over there. Buddy Rena and I walked around our side stuffing flyers for her husband's handyman work in newspaper boxes. We also put out flyers for Jazzercise. It was a beautiful night for walking around.

Today I need to do some serious research for a food story. The annual Christmas Gift Guide. I always do a "Gifts from the Kitchen" story. I'm thinking about doing spice blends this year. And a basket or two of gifts for the cook. Maybe a complete meal in one and the other could be a gadget basket.

Hopefully I've finally settle on a reasonable point & shoot camera to use while the Nikon is in the shop. I bought a Canon PowerShot S3 IS from Amazon. The price is more than $150 less than it was when it first come out. Because there is a now an S5 for people to buy! It arrived yesterday as I was rolling down the driveway to go to the school to shoot a classroom event. It did a good job with zoom and lighting. Better lighting than I usually get in the schools. I was not able to get a handle on all the settings before shooting a haunted house last night, though. This one has Aperture Priority mode, but I couldn't figure out how to actually SET the aperture! So the photos are too dark. Hopefully the newspaper photog can use Photoshop to bring out the overly-dark guy in this scary lab shot:
I like how the lit-up lab stuff came out. And that stuff is clear and sharp, too. I think the image stabilization really helped me there. I don't have that on the D40. Hopefully this little camera will end up being a good compliment to my kit.


Burkinator said...

Took a look at daily Bear last night. That is one cute puppy you have there!

LIVE FROM... said...

Hey there chef extraordinaire (I am a poet and don't know it, right?) How 'bout some infused oils and vinegars for that basket? Mom used to work with a special ed teacher that would make the oils and vinegars with herbs from her garden as well as garlic, etc., from the whole food store and sell them around the holidays...Everyone loved them...She would put them in great bottles and would put the money she earned toward special ed programs at the school...Just a thought for some additional items for the basket...