Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I'm a Hopeless Case...

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when it comes to shoes. Or dressing up. Sarah and I took a couple of her daughters and a friend to see "The Sound of Music" at Fort Mill High School on Monday night. I did warn her that I was not dressing up. But she didn't warn me that she was! I probably would have at least put something other than jeans.
Anyway, here are her [whatever the designer's name is] red shoes. She gets comments when she wears them. They are pretty, that's for sure. Not great for wandering around in the dark off sidewalks looking for the car, but great for everything else!
The production was pretty good, I think. I wasn't crazy about the girl that played Maria. The Reverend Mother and Liesl pretty much stole the show, vocally.
The production began with 20 minutes by Danny Truhitte, who is a native of Concord, NC. He played Rolfe in the 1965 movie. He sang a series of songs, some from the play, but about half about Carolina. It was a bit uncomfortable. Sort of like a bad lounge act with terrible canned music. But he's obviously a wonderful man. You just kept having this thought going through your head: "It's time to just let it go and retire."

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