Monday, September 03, 2007

We Rode and Rode and then Walked and Walked and then Rode and Rode Some More

It was a fun day. We took the day off from life and went to Caesar's Head State Park in the upper Northeast corner of South Carolina.

Our intent was to see Raven Cliff Falls:

Yeah. Not much of a view, huh? We walked 2 miles out on a wonderful
trail to what we were told in the literature would be a spot BELOW the falls. Well, we took a vote. And a poll of everyone who showed up after us, and we all decided this was ABOVE the falls. We were about a mile
away, too. This was taken with my longest lens, 200mm.

But, we had a great time messing around on the trail. Here are my guys and then an attempt at shooting all of us:

Here is Nate doing his "Warrior Pose." And another of him being Dismal Boy at the Dismal Trail:


And here is the photo I took at a huge rock overlook in the park. This is for this week's Nikon D40 Challenge: "Edges"


Jenny O. said...

Oh gosh- that last photo gives me chills. He looks like he's hanging off a cliff! ( Which is, I suppose, the point. )

burkinator said...

Looks like fun! Hope you had a good birthday!