Friday, September 14, 2007


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Nate drives Taylor, our latchkey guy Fred (foreground), and the neighbor boy Jack (other side) to school and back each day. It's been very helpful to me!

However, yesterday he called after school got out to say his car wouldn't start. He'd left the lights on. "They didn't call me up to the office," he said. "They called the guy in the spot next to mine."

To my credit, I did not tell him that it's his deal to get those lights off, and not the school's responsibility to be sure they are off.

He did get another student to give him a jump, so at least he got the problem solved without parental guidance!

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Anonymous said...

It just doesn't seem possible that Nate is old enough to drive. I haven't gotten any older how can these little boys do so?
I love reading your thoughts and insights. Keep it up. Candy