Friday, August 05, 2005

These are a few of My Favorite Things

Favorite Things
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When you move from one part of the country to the other, there is a whole new world of tastes and products available to try.

But sometimes you find yourself wishing for things you used to get easily that don't seem to be available in your new locale.

We did eventually find Malt-o-Meal. But it was in single-serving pouches in a grocery store we don't use.

The Spring Grove pop is a Southeast Minnesota thing. It's even a little hard to find in Minneapolis. Spring Grove is a tiny town in SE MN and they have a small company that makes this pop. It comes in orange, root beer, creme soda and lemon sour.

Texas Sting Buffalo Wing sauce. I was really surprised to see we couldn't get that here. We've been using Texas Pete instead.

The dills. Gedney is the "Minnesota Pickle" but I really didn't think that meant we wouldn't find it all over the country. But it's not the brand name we miss ... in fact my husband says he always preferred Vlasic. What we miss is dills that are not kosher. I don't know why they taste different from kosher dills, but they do. And we miss them.

I did not bring back any Hormel Wrangler hot dogs. We missed them like crazy until someone turned us on to Nathan's. We are so over Wranglers now, I suspect we'd have to ship Nathan's if we ever moved back to Minnesota.


ezbnv said...

does anyone know how I can get TEXAS STING BUFFALO WING SAUCE. I live in Chicago and cant find it anywhere

karen said...

hm. no. as you can see from my blog entry, I have to drive to Minneapolis to get it! I have, however, used TEXAS PETE Buffalo sauce. pretty good. We have a lot of that here in South Carolina.

Anonymous said...

You can order it by mail for 46.00 a case that includes shipping. The address is RB Food Company,PO Box 2204,Corpus Christi TX 78403. Phone 361-537-6271