Friday, August 19, 2005

Lundberg Black Japonica

Lundberg Black Japonica
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Now THIS is good stuff! You know how sometimes you are grocery shopping and for some reason you get stuck in an aisle, with some woman and her 3 toddlers plugging the way in front and a little old couple discussing what kind of [insert product name here] they got last time that they really liked and how they better be sure to get more of that this time?

Well, when that happens, it can pay to browse the shelves near you. You sometimes find interesting stuff and it keeps you from pulling your hair out. This Lundberg Black Japonica was what I found on the shelf in my last traffic jam at Lowe's grocery.

It took a little longer than basmati rice to cook ... about 45 minutes, actually. And instead of using 2 cups of plain water, I put 4 vegetable bouillion cubes in with it, along with a speck of olive oil. It was a big hit at home and this package was about $2.69 or thereabouts. I'll buy it again. It's a nice change from potatoes,noodles or white rice for a starch. More substance and fiber, too.


Joe said...

Is this like wild rice? I've never seen a product this that here. It looks very healthy and good!

karen said...

Here's what it says on the package:
"Lundberg Black Japonica is a unique combination of two rices we have developed in our nursery. The black rice is a short grain similar to a seed originating in Japan. The mahogany medium grain grows together with the black rice in the same field. Each year, the amount of the two rices vary as climatic conditions cause one to thrive more than the other. This rice has its nutritious bran and germ layers intact."
3 g fiber per'd think it would be higher than that.Lundberg Family Farms is in Richvale, CA 95974-0369
Thanks for reading and commenting, Joe!

Joe said...

Thanks karen, I'll see if we can find that here. It sounds interesting!