Saturday, July 23, 2005

Dinner on the Grill

Dinner on the Grill
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Steak on the grill is one thing. But steak on a campfire is an entirely different experience. You can get that campfire taste by using hardwood charcoal, but sitting around the campfire in lawn chairs, watching your supper cook over an open fire really adds to your meal.

The corn was wonderful. It's recommended that you soak it in water for a while before grilling it, but we found just putting it directly on the grill with the husks peeled back worked just great. And the little fires that burned away the husks were entertaining, too.


T. Carter said...

Grilled corn rocks. I've never soaked mine, but I usually strip off the husks, then whisk some salt into olive oil and paint that on the ears.

Cate said...

The steak looks great! Nice blog. :)

karen said...

Thank you very much, Sweetnicks!