Monday, June 27, 2005

Turnip Turn-around

Roasted Spring Turnips
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We've definitely experienced a breakthrough on the turnip front. Up until now I've struggled to find a way to get anyone else in the family to eat turnips. Each year we get them in our farm box and each year the farmer says "These spring baby turnips are so sweet and tender you don't need to peel them. Just slice and sautee in butter for a few minutes."

Well, the guys won't eat them.They also don't like to find them in their stir fry, mashed potatoes or anything else. I was seriously thinking about throwing in the towel. Which I've never done on any vegetable.

So last week I roasted them with the beets. Just scrubbed them lightly, pricked them with a fork, drizzled with olive oil and roasted them for an hour at about 375. After they cooled I peeled and sliced them and THEN sauteed them in butter.
What a treat!

By the way, these are a variety of red turnips. They didn't get that way from roasting. The turnip I recieved that was bigger than a softball(what was the farmer thinking?), I cut into chunks and put in my vegetable stock).

I have one other idea, that involves roasting, crispy bacon and grits. I'll try that at some point, too.

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